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Altar of Sacrifice

Kosis: I come from a Mormon family and had to endure all the typical bullshit, but had some interesting experiences as well, like when I witnessed the baptism of Bob Marley. Around 1989-90 we went to the Oakland Temple to perform baptisms for the dead. One guy in our group was a huge Marley fan so he put in a request to baptize him. We didn't expect it to actually happen, but during the baptism the name came up "Robert Nesta Marley". We were like "holy smokes!"

Vic D: Wow. I guess you don't even have to believe, you just have to join. Well, you just have to have someone join you up...

Brian M: So wait...the Mormons just kind of decide who they want to be baptized Mormon and take it upon themselves to do so?

Vincent Van Gough: Yeah there have been lawsuits and shit because they were trying to get lists of names from Spielberg (or his researchers) of Jews that had died in the holocaust to have them "baptized" into their church!!!! That's the most insulting shit I'd ever heard. After DYING for their religion, having that laughed at.

I reckon Mormons are actually controlled by a reptilian race of overlords, David Icke style.

Kosis: They claim to receive revelations telling them which dead people are worthy of baptism. They communicate with unseen forces, just like the Freemasons, Great White Brotherhood, New Age cults, etc. It's in the tradition of ancient Egypt, where the Pharaoh would receive messages from a spirit through a deity (i.e. stone statue) in a private room: "The Holy of Holies". The Mormon's Holy of Holies is in the Salt Lake City Temple.

A few years ago a mischievous temple worker submitted the names of Adolf Hitler, Hienrick Himler, and other nazi leaders to be baptized. After the baptisms took place they found out it was a prank, so they went back and "un-did" the ritual. This happened at the LA Temple (you can search the net for details). So much for the temple being "sacred" and impenetrable by trouble makers.

The Mormons want absolute power (a "United Order") so it's all very David Icke-ish indeed. Icke's thoughts on Mormonism are pretty far out (see his book "Children of the Matrix"), but I don't doubt them, especially after hearing what my brother said upon returning from EFY. He said in the last days a race of super beings would appear on earth to serve the righteous (i.e. Mormons), protecting them from harm during the apocalypse. And I heard other extraterrestrial / Jinn related stories when I was younger. My brother’s seminary teacher claimed she was approached by a white light while reading the Book of Mormon alone in her room. A small white light, like they see around crop circles. And one of my old Mormon neighbors claimed he was assisted by a non-human entity when his car broke down in the middle of nowhere. This Jinni-like man drove up out of nowhere and fixed his car for him. "The spirit" told him this guy was a messenger of sorts, like one of the three Nephites.

Three Nephites info: http://www.nowscape.com/mormon/3nephites.htm

Vincent Van Gough: Mormon conspiracy theory is one of my favorite pastimes. When I get bored at work it’s time to read up on the white salamander conspiracy or any number of articles about ritual satanic abuse etc. (I really think that’s a bad name for it btw as I actually think satanism has nothing to do with what’s going on in their reverse rituals). My personal favorite theories/issues I want to learn more about are:

Buying/selling uranium to the Middle East (and storing it in Australia?)

Owning the worlds largest cattle farm (despite the Doctrine & Covenants talking about eating meat in times of hardship and even then sparingly!) Under said cattle farm having a huge bunker... I remember in priesthood classes being told about the last days and a mass exodus "somewhere" to the east. I believe the cattle farm/bunker is near St Louis, MO?

Tell me more about this "Holy of Holies". I haven’t heard about that before. i.e. they have a specific object/statue/deity in a room in the SLC Temple that they get "revelation" from? I've toured a few temples and seen the golden calves etc. (so much for no idols before me hahahah).

Actually from what I've read in church history there IS a room with an altar for "sacrifice" in the SLC Temple. (not sure if this was carried on to the other temples) Is this related to the room with the "Holy of Holies" in it?

I read an "account" where an heiress of Brigham Young (hah how many of these must there be hahahaha) was allowed to see the "urim & thummim" and she described it as a rock with a clear part or something like that. I always thought Mormons just made that shit up til I was reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coehlo and he mentions a urim & thummim in there.

I think Joseph Smith just read a bit of eastern philosophy, was into Masonry, and made a hybrid Judeo-Christian-Bhramanic-Masonic order. Hahaha

Kosis: I think the LDS Holy of Holies is just an empty room without a deity, but only the inner circle knows for sure.

Yeah, conspiracy stuff is fun, especially when it's destroying your family. It's too bad most Mormons don't know anything about this stuff. Like so many other religious types, they BELIEVE everything and KNOW nothing. So much for taking your life seriously...

Did you ever go to EFY, Mr. Van Gough?

Vincent Van Gough: EFY was the "Especially for Youth" program in Provo right? BYU campus and shit? I got into punk which in turn helped me drop out of church/school etc. hahah before I was old enough to go actually! But since I grew up in Utah I did go to sundance retreats with the "young men and young women" which were pretty weird. Stayed in cabins, went to talks and activities all day. Weird shit.

The schools I went to were run by all Mormon teachers so needless to say the science classes were interesting. The sex ed program was funny as well.

It’s all about the "Adam-God" doctrine that the church has tried to cover up bit by bit! I grew up with the understanding that we all had the potential to become gods and have our own planets and demi gods etc. hmmmm

PS- You from Utah?

Kosis: Punk helped lead me to the light as well.

Yeah, EFY was trippy because they would teach you things that are normally not discussed in Sunday school. I first learned about the Holy of Holies there. It was also the only time I heard the term "Knights Templar" mentioned by a church member. My church group went in 1991. Upon arriving we were separated into groups with random kids we didn’t know. We stayed in dorm rooms with assigned roommates and went to classes every day. My roommate was a dick. He had an attitude like he was better than the other kids, but he was ok with me. We would usually stay up and talk before retiring for the night. There were a few interesting moments during the week, but it was mostly tame overall. Just go to classes all day then come back to the dorm where our group leader would teach a lesson in one of our rooms. No big deal. But on the last night, things took a turn for the strange. He made us sit in a circle on the floor then turned off the lights and asked each of us "why do you deserve to live?" We answered the question one at a time. The answers were mainly things like "because I want to teach Sunday school someday" and "I plan to go on a mission next year", etc. Then he said "One of you was lying. One of you is not a good Mormon and doesn’t deserve to live. Which one of you is it?" No one responded. Then he said “If you’re the one who lied, get up now and sit in the middle of the circle.” Still, no one responded. Then he said to my roommate "It was you. Now get up and sit in the circle." Without saying a word, he got up and sat inside the circle. Then the leader went out to the hall and left us alone in the room. Dead silence. Creepy vibes.

A minute later he came back and told us he was visited by an angel in the hallway. He said the angel spoke to him, and he repeated it verbatim. It was some unearthly language. Really strange. He then translated it into English, saying the angel said my roommate would someday go on a mission in South America where he would be kidnapped by drug dealers and nailed to a cross, with a crown of thorns and everything. This would be his punishment for being a bad Mormon. He was then ordered to do ten push-ups for each of us in the group. "Do ten for James. Now do ten for Chris." etc. When it came time to do them for me, I felt like saying "Dude, you don't have to do that." but I didn't say anything. None of us did. After doing them all, the leader said "Are you tired?" He said "yes", then the leader said "Ok, now do 10 more".

Eventually we all went back to our rooms to sleep. My roommate didn't say a word to me that night. He was obviously freaked out, as were the rest of us. I mean, what the fuck!

The next morning I saw some friends from another group and they mentioned their arms were sore from doing push-ups the night before. I was afraid to ask for details, but apparently my group wasn't the only one who did this.

Yeah, these guys are kooky as shit. I'm not from Utah but I have lots of family there and visited a few times. An odd place for sure.

Vincent Van Gough: That story is heavy dude! hahah. I am from Utah, Provo/Orem. So I basically grew up in the heart of the beast. Most of the punk kids I knew were ex or jack Mormons as well. My mom always told me stories about how her patriarchal blessing said that I was supposed to be a great leader. The only way that’s come true is I've led my friends and siblings away from "the church" hahah. She also told me a story about hearing the voice of "the devil" calling her when my parents were first married. It was when I was old enough to start reading shit like To Kill a Mockingbird that I realized how inherently racist Mormonism was. I started asking questions in Sunday school and was eventually asked to just stop going. hahahah

The saddest thing is to see Mormon kids claim they are straight edge, then fall out of "the church" and start smoking etc. to distance themselves from the standards of Mormonism. From sucking Brigham Young's cock to Joe Camel's in one move.

Kosis: What did the devil say to her?

My dad heard a voice as well. My parents met at BYU. Four weeks later they were at a fireside where Thomas S. Monson was speaking when he heard a voice say "Ask her to marry you", so he did later that night. The stupid part is he was homosexual to begin with and didn’t even like her. He never had a girlfriend before and was taught to feel guilty about his sexuality, so never had a real boyfriend either. But when he heard the voice he assumed it was a message from God, i.e. the “still small voice” he heard about so many times in Sunday school. He thought God was offering him a place at the celestial table, a chance to be married and live a “normal” life. A chance to procreate and be saved from "gay hell", as if being with her would alleviate his natural inclination towards men.

He had a bad feeling about the engagement. His friends told him he was making a mistake, as did his psychiatrist, but he went through with it anyway. They got sealed in the temple and it was the beginning of the end for them both. They had children for the wrong reasons (so they could become Gods) and went off the deep end. Mom lost her mind and dad committed suicide, all in the name of Mormon glory. He told me about the voice shortly before killing himself. It was a heavy conversation where he revealed his actual thoughts, feelings and experiences with me (something he never did before). Little did I know we would never speak again.

My mom later informed me that he never told her about the voice. I suppose it was too heavy to talk about, and all the better, as sharing it with his wife would be like giving her a bargaining chip to use against him as he battled with his sexuality / Mormon guilt. A guilt so strong it eventually lead to his demise.

And there's more: My mom's patriarchal blessing said that through her "faithfulness" she would be given the opportunity to be joined "for Time and All Eternity" to one of God’s "very choicest sons". It continued on saying "Do not be concerned about this now, but think about it and look forward to it as a choice and wonderful blessing." So she looked forward to it, just as any pubescent girl who never had a boyfriend would. And when he proposed, she figured this must be the guy. Their whole marriage was based on faith instead of love and friendship, which is a common phenomenon in Mormonism. Might explain why the average Mormon household is a literal warzone.

Patriarchal blessings are far out. A cosmic message beamed down from the heavens. It’s no wonder Mormons are so enchanted by them. I was certainly enchanted by mine. When I got my blessing, the patriarch was "prompted" to tell me a few things before doing the blessing. He told me the "power" he channeled scared him. I’m not surprised. Serving as a human Ouija board for a luciferian fertility cult would scare me too.

My blessing said some interesting things, much of which related to my personal traits and how I’m supposed to use them in a religious (i.e. Mormon) capacity. It said I would do work in Zion someday. I guess that means I’d be pouring the Kool-Aid for everyone in Jackson County. I wonder what it's like over there. I'm sure they all know the Mormons plan on taking over someday, and judging by what happened at Waco, I bet the military / ATF is ready for action.

The racism thing is ugly. I didn't really notice it in my family until my brother married a Viet Namese girl and our mom flipped out. Before the wedding I heard her on the phone warning people that there would be Asians at the wedding, like it’s a big fucking deal. The girl was a "non-member" but later got baptized just to save the marriage. She then expressed her concerns about Mormonism to me in private. She tried asking me questions about the church. I could give her an earful but I have to avoid the subject, for obvious reasons. I said "check the library, bookstores, Internet, etc." and left it at that. Unfortunately, she's too busy raising her children to study anything.

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